Collection: PART 3 - UNIT 7

Unit 7 - Reflections



Today was the initial begging of my project proposal. Initially I did not know what I wanted to do. However, soon enough I started thinking about my own identity and how diverse it is. being Swedish and Armenian had caused me to become a person that has had an interesting upbringing when following traditions as well as having both viewpoints of the world.


I started writing my project proposal, and what I want to convey is the contrast between these two cultures however contemporarily show the harmony that has allowed me to become the person I am today. To do so, I have a rough idea of having a final garment showing this juxtaposition however not look like to different dresses sewn together, therefore try to present a balanced harmony with my final garment. 


 Working in my sketchbook, I have started looking at folklore surrounding both cultures. Looking at Armenian plates, their recognisable patterns shows natural element painted in predominant blues. These flowers expand through the white plates have a similar aesthetic to Swedish folklore patterns and prints as well. Both countries show use of colour, however differently. Today I was mostly exploring Armenian patterns and learning a new technique - transfer printing I started being able to transfer specific images to others. I want to continue exploring this idea further in my pages.


As yesterday I had done some transfer printing, I continued doing so, however I started juxtaposing Swedish and Armenian prints as well as images of Armenian women. By being able to transfer images, it allows me to directly show the juxtaposition of cultures however them merging as well. However I quickly understood that the transfers where not as successful as yesterday as the ink of the images had dried making them less opaque on paper. However, I tried printing them on tracing paper and quite surprisingly it created an interesting weathered effect. 


Looking at Swedish patterns, it is quite evident that embroidery used often. Therefore, I want to explore this idea of embroidery by looking at Swedish and Armenian patterns/tiles. Both cultures have common floral patterns, however Armenian tapestries and garments also express a geometrical pattern to them. Looking at traditional clothes, similarities can be seen; both cultures wear garments that are loose fitting however sinched in at the waist. This is achieved through different techniques through their folklore clothing. Swedish garments explore the idea of a tighter upper part through corsets that are detailed with embroidery, whilst Armenian garments for women see the waist as ideal for accessory placement. Through woven fabrics, they resonate the aesthetic of Armenian rugs as they have a geometric quality whilst Swedish embroidery is mostly floral and an exploration of the natural forms. I want to therefore convey though my garment the idea of a sinched in waist that presents both floral and abstract geometric patterns.



As I have done enough research on patterns, my next step is to now look at architecture. This is because in my final garment I want to show a joining of folklore with architecture. Initially I will look at Scandinavian design and how it expresses minimalism and minute colour use. Exploring this element will allow me to create a final outcome that is more explorative and visually more interesting to visually look at then just recreating Swedish and Armenian patterns.  Therefore I will want to overlay embroidery and crochet (as I have explored this within my sketchbook), with the geometric forms and shapes of Swedish architecture. 

My next step therefore is to join the pattern exploration in my sketchbook with architecture that I will look at as well. From then on I can then start questioning the application of my research on the body. 


Today I had my progress tutorial, I got some feedback. My project proposal read well and was clear, I was also told that I had a clear focus on the project direction as my sketchbook pages show progression of ideas clearly. Moreover, after explaining what I will do  as a progression in my sketchbook, I was given advice to start looking at the geometrical shapes and forms of Swedish architecture as well a joining Armenian structural elements. This is exactly what I was going to do as I will be experimenting with architectural dynamic shapes. Moreover, I was told that I have to correlate my work to fashion designers especially as I am applying the final outcome to the body I should look at how artists relate their work on the human form.